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Popular Culture 80s

• John Lennon is shot outside his New York apartment
• MTV (Music Television) is launched
• Floppy shirts, Backcombed hair, Padded shoulders, big hairdoes and white stilettoes
• The Simpsons Is First Seen On Tracey Ullman Show April 5th 1987
• Michael Jackson releases his second adult solo album, Thriller.

Some of the Most Well Known Movie Stars of the Eighties
Clint Eastwood
Burt Reynolds
Harrison Ford
Michael J Fox
Eddie Murphy
Tom Cruise
Dudley Moore
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Popular Musicians
• Bucks Fizz
• The Jam
• Olivia Newton-John
• Chicago
• Lionel Richie
• Black Sabbath
• Queen
• The Police
• Tina Turner
• David Bowie
• Whitney Houston
• Culture Club
• Bruce Springsteen
• U2