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Retro 80s Weekend wifh Dean Fettes.

Do you remember when Michael Jackson burned his hair? Or when the Sony Walkman started appearing? How about when ET phoned home or when MTV changed the way we listened to music?
With decades of professional and radio experience, Dean Fettes presents Retro 80’s Weekend with a sense of fun, humor, and an unprecedented look at some of the often-overlooked parts of the “decade of decadence”. Each week Dean takes you back in time to the days of Reagan, Rambo and to when everyone wanted their MTV.

The show features the hits you love as it spotlights the lost hits of the 80′s as well as 80′s “one hit wonders”, artist interviews, and sound bites from television, movies and those memorable news events.  Hosted by Dean Fettes.

ON-AIR:  Sunday 5pm – 8pm


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