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KTODD 80s wirh Todd Chambless

KTODD is a two hour weekly music show that takes you back to that great decade, the 1970s. You’ll hear sounds from the movies, TV and radio…and the music that made those 10 years great. KTODD will add an entertaining and music intensive element to a station’s sound. The show is well produced, and is full of personality. It gives the listener a chance to interact by phone or social media. It’s a great way to liven up a weekend lineup.
Hosted by Todd Chambless

Host Todd Chambless is a 35 + year radio veteran, who has worked in major markets including Dallas and Pittsburgh. He’s been a radio Program Director, air talent.
He hails from West Monroe, Louisiana. He loves music, riding with the top down and the music cranked up, and singing in his church choir.